Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 12, 2015

Holaaaa :) So fun to talk to everyone yesterday! Yeah we had a little primary program in our ward too, and for some reason the kids just stay up on the stand the whole time, even though they only sing one song, so it's pretty entertaining to watch them the whole time. And then they gave everyone flowers, and then during relief society all the primary came in and sang another song, then gave everyone candy. So it was pretty fun! All the mothers really enjoyed it! I hope everyone back home had a great Mother's day!

Not a lot has happened in the that I talked to you, but I guess for the sake of everyone else that will read this, I tell about our week :) sooo Ernesto's baptism fell through for yesterday. He had his interview and failed it... which was super weird cause we've gone through the interview with him twice, but when he did it with the Elders he like changed his answers? So he's been lying to us... so we need to figure all that out this week! The hope is for next Sunday!

Norma had a rough week, didn't want to see us, and was hiding from us, but when we finally got to see her Saturday she was super drunk, but said she would come to church, but then didn't. So we went over after and she broke down and is now more solid about baptism then she ever has been. The big thing is just staying strong with the word of wisdom! So we're going to get her another blessing this week, and keep following up with her everyday. She knows everything, she just has to overcome this! And she definitely can as long as she relies on the Lord!

Sarahi and her family came to church again, they all love church! It's great! They know it's all true, they're just super hesitant on baptism right way. And then there's the whole thing that Sarahi and Sergio aren't married... But we're working with them and they'll come around!

We had a couple cool little miracles this week! One of my OYM's I just invited to church, and he came! And he's in our area, we haven't taught him at all, and he was feeling sick yesterday, and he still came! So that was pretty amazing! Good thing I still remembered what he looked like since I had only met him that one time!  So we're excited about that! The other one is we were trying to find a referral, we went to their house, and they didn't live there, but the number was right so it was really weird! But the people that did live there let us in for a Harvest Blessing and they were super cool! They thought it was the coolest thing that we're missionaries and then said that it was a miracle cause their gate is ALWAYS locked and we were able to get in! So even though there's a lot of obstacles to overcome in the area right now, we're still being blessed with miracles everyday, no matter how big or small they are :)

Last week of the transfer! So crazy! Everyone thinks I'm leaving :( nooo! but I'll go wherever the Lord needs me! I just love being a missionary:) It's the best :) Have a great week!

Hermana Nelson :)

ps be jealous that I get to go to the temple tomorrow! Woo woo :)

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